Digital Draft BoardDigital Draft Board

  • Make your Youth Sports League draft feel like a professional draft.
  • Multiple display board types.
  • A streaming ticker, live clock, and on-deck information.
  • PreDraft Presentation to run before the draft begins.
  • Announcing of draft picks.
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CustomizableImport your own logos

  • Import team logos, league logos, and owner images.
  • Support for keepers and keeper auto-selects.
  • Auto-Draft and remote draft capabilities.
  • Fully customizable draft order with support for traded picks.
  • Perform in-draft trades.
  • Team Songs
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FlexibilityBring your draft to life.

  • Available for the Mac & PC.
  • Regular, Auction, or Combo Drafts.
  • Supports up to a 32 team league and 50 rounds of drafting.
  • Exportable draft reports available in a variety of formats.
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New Features in version 4

  • Fully redesigned Draft area
  • Redesigned SETUP area.
  • Improved the Draft Order setup.
  • Software auto-checks for updates upon launch.
  • Added cut-and-paste to setup areas.
  • Player images can now be transparent
  • Increased “Phonetic name” character limit to unlimited.
  • Ability to add MP4 video format for player photos.
  • Option to play just 10 seconds of team song.
  • New On-screen HELP icon.
  • Increased logo and image sizes.
  • Added new board display to the UNDOCK area.
  • Customizable sound fx and voice responses for draft pick feedback responses.
  • Added “Full Screen” capability to Mac (available in “Preferences” menu)
  • New “On Deck” pop-up, displaying info about who is currently drafting.
  • Right-click on draft board to toggle between displaying BYE/IR/TEAM
  • Auction “On Deck” by-passes teams out of money
  • The “Pick Announcement” now displays for the last pick of round.
  • Keepers now denoted with (K) on draft board.
  • The “Draft Report Card”: Displays list of who had the best overall draft.
  • Improved “Keeper Setup” (auto-fills rounds/picks).
  • And much more...